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“My cousin Julia’s porch in Havana is bare except for three plastic chairs and a bench but her yard is a local hotspot where everyday life unfolds…”

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February. 12, 2022

Six months of the Taliban

By Mariane Pearl

Two Afghan journalists on what life is like for women there now, as told to Mariane Pearl


Oprah Daily

JANUARY 7, 2022

A Journal for Jordan"'s Dana Canedy and Mariane Pearl Interview: Joy and Heartbreak Can Coexist

By Mariane Peral

Dana Canedy’s fiancé kept a journal while stationed in Iraq that was filled with life lessons for their young son, Jordan. After his death, the journal taught her how to find joy despite grief—a struggle author Mariane Pearl, who interviewed Canedy, knows firsthand.

The Washington Post

February. 4, 2021

Opinion: Mariane Pearl: My husband’s killer could go free in Pakistan. Despite the injustice, I still have hope.

By Mariane Pearl

Almost two decades ago, the people of Pakistan sent me messages expressing sadness and anger at the murder of my husband


The Meteor

November 1, 2020

Mariane Pearl: Behind my ballot

By Debbie Millman

In June 2009, I was naturalized as an American. That day, on my last trip to Garden City, New York, to the now-defunct United States

New Project (27)


April 14, 2020

Angelina Jolie Talks to Mariane Pearl About Overcoming Trauma and the Search for Truth

By Angelina Jolie

I have known Mariane Pearl for fifteen years, as a friend, mother, journalist, champion of the voices of women and an unconquerable spirit.

Il Foglio

December 15, 2015

Mariane Pearl, le ragazze yazide e la forza che tiene in piedi questo pezzo di civiltà, il nostro

By Paola Peduzzi

Quando ha saputo che suo marito era stato ucciso da al Qaida, decapitato con un coltello in diretta video, Mariane

The Sunday Times

December 13, 2015

I grew up in those areas the attackers came from. My friends were all muslims -Algerians, Tunisians. There was something broken about these families

By Christina Lamb

Mariane Pearl, the journalist whose husband, Daniel Pearl, was beheaded by al-Qaeda in 2002, was born in Paris to inmigrants.


December 6, 2015

The big interview Mariane Pearl

By Georgina Dodwin

Georgina Godwin sits down this week with award-winning journalist, author and activist Mariane Pearl to discuss the ethics of reporting 

Because I am a Girl - Plan International

October 1, 2015

Travelling the sidewalks

By Mariane Pearl

Mariane Pearl is the Managing Editor of the Chime for Change campaign, which aims to inspire, collect and share powerful…

The Huffington Post

September 30, 2015

Illuminating Women’s Voices From Within

By Mariane Pearl

In 2007, began my special interest in “women’s issues” and what I quickly found out was that women’s issues were…

The New York Times

June 21, 2015

Havana on My Mind

By Mariane Pearl

My cousin’s neighborhood remains a kind of time capsule of the Cuba that I have come to love. My cousin…

La Vanguardia

June 2, 2015

Mariane Pearl, editora jefe de la plataforma periodística ‘Chime for Change’

By Ima Sanchís

Tengo 47 años. Nací en París. Viví en Nueva York, Londres, Bombay y ahora en Barcelona con mi hijo, Adam 

Girls write now

May 1, 2015

Thrilled to have Mariane Pearl at the girls write now awards!

By Sara Heegaard

Mariane Pearl will be serving as our emcee for the 2015 Girls Write Now Awards and we could not be 


April 26, 2015

Els que no tenen veu són els que ho saben tot

By Antoni Bassas

Determinació ”Si tenim valors, les televisions no poden ensenyar vídeos dels segrestats per l’Estat Islàmic” Exemple ”Jo sé que el



March 15, 2015

TheMedia Column: The journalist who believes ‘decency’ is the best weapon in the battle for free speech

By Adam Sherwin

Mariane Pearl, whose journalist husband was killed by Al Qaeda abductors, will help recognise the world’s most courageous and creative 

The Indian Express

September 9, 2014

Mariane Pearl: I don’t think about Danny’s killers, I look to women for hope

By Pritha Chatterjee

More than 12 years have passed since her husband and Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was brutally killed by

El Tiempo

September 6, 2014

Mariane Pearl: reflexiones sobre el asesinato de un periodista

By Mariane Pearl

La viuda de un reportero decapitado por terroristas escribe con motivo de la ejecución de J. Foley. Cuando conocí a…

The Berkshire Eagle

August 27, 2014

Mariane Pearl: Reflections on a journalist's death

By Mariane Pearl

When I first met my husband Danny Pearl, he took me on a tour of his earlier life across America. Today, more than ever

The Huffington Post

August 5, 2014

Women Around the World Are Finding New Ways to Seek Justice

By Mariane Pearl

Malcom X used to say that nobody can give you freedom; nobody can give you equality or justice. “If you’re…


July 9, 2014

The Guardian Angels

By Mariane Pearl

For years, rape has been accepted as a consequence of war. But if Angelina Jolie and a group of ferociously…




September 19, 2013

Education makes life worth living

By Mariane Pearl

The Huffington Post

April 8, 2010

Can We Spread Hope While Others Spread Fear? Numbers and a Few More Questions from TED

By Mariane Pearl

Chris Anderson, TED’s curator, opened this year’s conference entitled “What the World Needs Now” with a bold and sad statement…

The New York Times

July 23, 2006

Two for the Road

By Mariane Pearl

SILVERIO, my driving instructor, is a short, smiling Mexican in his late 30’s. His smile gets broader when he learns…


June 30, 2006

The woman who gave me my strength

By Mariane Pearl

When my mother died of cancer a few years ago, she left me a beautiful silver ashtray and a red…

One hot summer morning in Monrovia, Liberia, I came across a group of young men who had been snatched from…

The New York Times

September 11, 2005

A Village of Their Own

By Mariane Pearl

I MOVED to the West Village four months ago in search of a tribe. My husband, Danny, had been murdered…


February 17, 2004

My fight for Danny’s memory

By Mariane Pearl

I made a friend in Pakistan. I nicknamed him “Captain” because of his autthority; I couldn´t tell if it came…

The New York times

April 19, 2002

Wy good hearts must go public

By Mariane Pearl

Paris, I first learned about Pakistan’s silent majority at a time when most of the world found itself stunned and…


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