Chime For Change

Hope might soon become the most sought-after currency as, under the COVID-19 pandemic, the world cracks under the weight of its incoherencies. “Blessed are the cracks as they let you see the light,” wrote Nietzsche. There will be plenty of urgent needs to meet in the near future, and the cracks are manifold, but perhaps our most vital want will be for leadership. By leadership, I mean people worth turning to when we crave empathy, courage and strength of character. Skilled citizensable to navigate the big and small hardships the virus will throw at us. And by Hope, I mean the ability to see the light through the cracks…Read more

CHIME - Stories

“CHIME FOR CHANGE” brings you the stories of girls and women rising from the ground up to seek justice and build peace. Women who fight with wisdom and courage the oppressive traditions that seek to hold them back. Stories celebrating women who stand alone but who are no longer isolated. Stories that illuminate the potential and achievements of committed individuals to bring change. Their stories are shaping a different story for mankind, a new narrative built from the heart and made of hope.

Mariane Pearl

Managing Editor

Your Flowers Did Not Fade

By Christin Chae

Under the Scarf

By Ana Antuna, Mehrin Ashraf, Michelle Leon & Cheyenne Williams for Women’s Voices Now

Overcoming North Korea

By Lucia Jang and Susan Elizabeth McClelland

In and Out of Extremism

By Yasmin Malbocus

Dancing with the Wolves

By Gillian August Thorp

To My Vietnamese Mogul Grandmother

By Tiffany Pham

Black Passionaria

By Eve Blouin

Crafting the City’s Social Fabric

By Mariane Pearl

Saving Sons

By Farahnaz Zahidi

Shugs and Fats

By Nadia Manzoor

Anna: South Sudan’s Only Female Editor-in-Chief

By Anna Nimiriano

War Child

By Michaela DePrince

Introduction to Fotokids

By Nancy McGirr

Time to Shift Balance

By Aurélie Salvaire

I Was Fourteen When I Found Out What Human Trafficking Means

By Agnes Igoye

I Want You to Know

By Nathalie Neubert


By Judy Cantor


By Olivia Gay

Bahrain: The Forbidden Land of The Arab Spring

By Stéphanie Lamorré

Sing It Out Loud

By Gola

Coming Out in Malawi

By Otoli Mundo

Mission Fight Back: Safety in Our Own Fists

By Vadika Mishra


By Laura Salm-Reifferscheidt & Ann-Christine Woehrl

Mission Fight Back – Testimonies

By Lt. Col. Rohit Mishra (Retd.)

Hope against Genocide

By Taban Shoresh

Between One Hatred and the Other

By Amina Hussein

A Vision for Blind Soccer

By Catherine Cabrol

Fast and Further

By Christina Nielsen

Bend It Like Isha

By Isha Johansen

Muslim Athletes Series

By Shirzanan

Far From Heaven

By Stephanie Lamorre

Amazónicas: Guardians of Life

By Charles Gay

Breast Ironed

By Nakinti Nofuru

Two Steps Forward

By Tecee Boley of FrontPage Africa and New Narratives

Queen of Internet Streaming

By Amanda Bloom

In a Perfect World

By Daphne McWilliams

CHIME Through the Years: The Female Fabric

By Mariane Pearl


By Nathalie Neubert

Open Arms, Open Heart

By Angeles Schjaer


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